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Mobility at Stratus Healthcare

We stock an extensive range of mobility aids to suit all your needs. If you have any queries or questions simply call us on 051 337 054 or email

Mobility Aids, Sticks & Frames

Mobility Aids, Sticks & Frames

Shower & Bathroom Aids

Shower & Bathroom Aids

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Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy

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Back Care

Mobility Aids, Sticks & Frames

Why Choose Stratus Healthcare Pharmacy for Your Walking Aid Needs?

As individuals age or face mobility challenges, a walking aid becomes a valuable companion, greatly enhancing daily life. At Stratus Healthcare Pharmacy, we recognize the significance of stability and balance. That's why we offer an extensive range of walking sticks and frames meticulously designed to provide the support you require. Our devices are crafted to promote an active and independent lifestyle, empowering you to navigate various terrains with confidence and enjoy increased mobility in your daily activities.

Benefits of Choosing a Walking Aid from Stratus Healthcare Pharmacy
  • Restoring Confidence: Utilizing our walking aids significantly boosts your confidence in moving independently, allowing you to perform daily activities with ease. The added stability and support contribute to a renewed sense of assurance in your movements.
  • Ensuring Safety on the Go: Our walking aids empower you to venture outside with a heightened sense of safety, knowing that reliable support is at your fingertips. Navigate public spaces confidently, fostering social engagement with peace of mind.
  • Maintaining Independence: By incorporating a walking aid into your routine, you can maintain independence without relying on others for assistance at home or outdoors. This fosters increased self-esteem and a sense of autonomy.
  • Minimizing the Risk of Falls: Properly fitted and used walking aids from Stratus Healthcare Pharmacy significantly reduce the risk of falls, both indoors and outdoors. The enhanced stability offered by our walking sticks or frames improves balance, preventing potential accidents.
  • Relieving Pain and Discomfort: Remaining active is crucial for physical and mental well-being. Our walking aids support your active lifestyle, allowing you to move with ease even in the presence of reduced mobility or health conditions.
  • Enhancing Everyday Life: Stratus Healthcare Pharmacy's walking aids make everyday tasks easier, facilitating quick and safe movement. Whether you're running errands or performing household duties, our walking sticks or frames enhance your mobility and convenience.

Why Opt for a Proper Walking Aid

Investing in a proper walking aid is vital for ensuring your safety and well-being. Ill-fitting or inadequate walking aids may lead to discomfort and instability, compromising your mobility and potentially causing accidents.

Our comprehensive collection includes various walking aids tailored to suit your preferences and requirements. 

Choosing the Right Walking Aid

Whether you're in need of walking sticks or aids in Cork or Dublin, Stratus Healthcare Pharmacy is committed to helping you make the right choice. Consider factors such as height, specific requirements, and professional advice to ensure the perfect fit for optimal support and comfort.

At Stratus Healthcare Pharmacy, we are dedicated to providing care and assistance, ensuring you find the ideal walking aids in Ireland that align with your lifestyle. Count on us for guidance and support, allowing you to confidently navigate your surroundings and embrace each day with comfort and ease.

Types of Walking Aids Available at Stratus Healthcare Pharmacy

  • Folding Walker
  • Extendable Canes
  • Adjustable Walking Sticks
  • Walking Frames
  • Walkers
  • Rollators
  • Crutches
  • Tri-Walkers
  • Forearm Crutches
  • Seat Sticks

Shower & Bathroom Aids

Why Opt for Stratus Healthcare Pharmacy's Bathroom Aids?

In the realm of creating a safe and accessible bathroom for individuals facing mobility challenges, bathroom aids become pivotal. These aids from Stratus Healthcare Pharmacy offer essential support and assistance, ensuring that bathing and toileting tasks can be carried out with ease and confidence.

Explore our Range of Bathroom Aids

Grab Bars

Diverse Types: From suction cup bath rails to fold-away handrails, our grab bars cater to every need and bathroom design. Designed for the elderly and those with limited strength, these aids provide extra security in slippery areas.

Toilet Seat Risers

Varied Models: For those requiring extra support, our range includes various models, from lightweight plastic risers to cushioned options for added comfort. Using a toilet seat riser not only offers additional assistance but also makes the restroom process easier, safer, and more hygienic.

Shower Chairs & Transfer Benches

Comprehensive Range: Our diverse collection includes wall-mounted shower seats to lightweight, portable shower stools. Paired with bath seats, transfer benches facilitate smoother transitions, especially for individuals with mobility challenges.

Benefits of Stratus Healthcare Pharmacy's Bathroom Aids

Enhanced Safety & Reduced Risk of Falls

Our bathroom aids significantly enhance safety, reducing the risk of dangerous falls in notoriously slippery areas. Wall-mounted shower seats and suction-based grab bars offer added stability, ensuring safer showering and bathroom use.

Increased Independence & Confidence

Independence is cherished by all. Our bathroom aids instill confidence in users, enabling them to perform daily hygiene routines independently. For instance, our Folding Commode Chair ensures users can move around the bathroom and home without assistance.

Improved Accessibility for Individuals with Mobility Issues

Ideal for those facing height challenges, our bathroom aids, such as fold-away shower seats, offer height-adjustable options. This customization is especially beneficial for wheelchair users, ensuring a seamless transfer with less strain.

Choosing the Right Bathroom Aid

While the benefits are evident, selecting the right bathroom aid is crucial. Consider the following:

Assessing Individual Needs & Limitations

Understanding the user's specific needs, including height, strength, and required assistance, is vital. Aids for the elderly may differ from those needed by someone recovering from a temporary injury.

Considering the Bathroom Layout & Size

Your bathroom's size and layout determine the type of aid suitable. Suction-based aids may be ideal for smaller bathrooms, while wheel-based tools may suit larger spaces.

Installation & Proper Use of Stratus Healthcare Pharmacy's Bathroom Aids

Proper installation and use impact daily routines and healthcare quality. Follow our comprehensive guide.

Guidelines for Installation of Grab Bars & Toilet Seat Risers

  • Determine the Right Height: Install at a comfortable level for support without causing strain
  • Wall Inspection: Ensure the wall is sturdy, especially for wall-mounted aids
  • Use Suction Mechanism Carefully: Check the product's weight limit and affix it to a smooth, non-porous surface

Tips for Bathroom Safety

  • Install non-slip mats for stability
  • Use grab rails strategically for balance and support
  • Consider a wall-mounted shower seat for added stability
  • Ensure good lighting for visibility
  • Use raised toilet seats or frames for easier use

At Stratus Healthcare Pharmacy, we prioritize safety and convenience in your bathroom. Explore our range of Bathroom Aids to transform your daily routine with confidence and ease. Visit Stratus Healthcare Pharmacy today.


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